Education Infrastructure

Education Infrastructure

A group of Papua New Guinean children in front of a Digicel Foundation classroom

Digicel Foundation is committed to improving quality education outcomes for students in the nation through our education pathway program. It is a long established fact that better education is the key to societal and global productivity. Quality education opens opportunities for children and youth to escape poverty, enables communities to make informed choices about their future and unlocks the potential of people to develop enterprise and generate incomes. 

PNG has some of the lowest rates of literacy in the Asia Pacific Region with the adult literacy rate at 63%.

To address this problem Digicel PNG Foundation launched the Literacy Enrichment and Educational Development (LEED) program which combines teacher training and mentoring and the use of Bilum Books material in schools to complement the English Standard Based Curriculim (SBC). The training was rolled out to 62 teachers in 17 schools in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and Central Province.

Bilum Books (SBC) English for Papua New Guinea is a comprehesive 'all-in-one' English language course for Elementary Grades Prep, One and Two. It covers speaking and listening, phonics vocabulary, reading, comprehension and writing. Through the program a range of training vidoes were also develop by Bilum Books to support the teacher training program. A combination of in-class training, videos and online sessions were used to deliver a successful training event.

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